MIG 311S + WF350/4

The MIG 311S + WF350/4 is a versatile and robust single phase machine with a separate wire feed unit.
lt is ideally suited to automotive and light to medium industrial applications in the workshop or on site.
On maximum power and maximum duty cycle, the MIG 311S consumes only 12kVA, which means it requires only a 35A fuse and can be used in the field from a 15kVA generator. Its full size cabinets can accept a full height gas cylinder and the large diameter wheels means it can be moved from job to job with little risk
of toppling. Also, its separate 4-roll wire feed unit (the WF350/4) features our renowned alI geared drive system, minimising the risk of wire slip and so making your welds uniform. Further, with the 5 metre interconnection and 4 metre welding torch, this gives you a working radius of up to 9 metres.
The MIG 3118 4 WF350/4’s ability to take larger diameter wire than lower power units in the range means it can weld thicker plate and its 16 switch settings allow for fine tuning the output power.

Copper transformer and choke
Forced air fan cooling
Overload warning indicator
Heavy duty front and rear wheels
All geared 4-roll feed system
Double support straps for gas cylinder
Infinitely variable wire speed
Spot weld limer
Latch facility
Burnback control
Gus purge
Inch button
Soft arc technology
Torch and regulator included

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