Donegal Gas & Welding Equipment Ltd provides a full range of Electrodes and wire. This includes MMA Electrodes, Solid Wires, Gas/Tig Welding Rods and Cored wires to meet the needs of businesses from the large enterprises to the sole traders.

MMA Electrodes Solid Wires Gas/TIG Welding Rods Cored Wires
General Purpose Non Alloyed MAG Spooled Wire Gas Rods Mild Steel Metal Cored Wire
Celtian Bostrand BW1 Saffire Copper Coated Miled Coromig 58
Satinex Bostrand LW1 Steel (CCMS) Corofil R56XL
Mirrospeed Bostrand LW3 Corofil R59Ni
Vodex Corofil B55
Vortic Marine Corofil 20/9/3
Zodian Universal
Iron Powder Electrodes Stainless Steel MIG Wire Brazing Rods
Super Fastex Bostrand 308LSi Saffire Silicon Bronze
Bostrand 309LSi Saffire Fluxbronze K
Saffire Fluxobronze S
Saffire Nickel Bronze
Saffire Copper Phosphorus
Saffire Silver Braze 2
Low Alloy Electrodes Aluminium MIG Wire Low Alloy TIG Wire
Hi-Trex 8016G Bostrand 281 & Bostrand 286 Saffire Super Steel
Fortrex NQ1 Bostrand 2861 Saffire Low Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel Electrodes Stainless Steel TIG Wire
Nicrex E308L Saffire 18/8-308L
Nicrex E316L Saffire 23/12-309
Nicrex E312
Armoid 1 Aluminium TIG Wire
Saffire Aluminium 5% Silicon
Saffire Aluminium 5%
Copper and Nickel Alloyed TIG
Saffire Argofil
Gas Welding Flux