General Overview

At Donegal Gas & Welding Equipment Ltd we have expert knowledge and experience in providing gate automation equipment for all types of gates and doors.

We use Nice automation systems which provide simple and practical solutions to help make your home more safe, comfortable and with all your home automations available with just one remote control our systems will give you greater convenience and comfort.

Swing Gates

Swing gates work like ordinary doors as they rotate around a fulcrum. These automations are usually powered by the 24Vdc and 230V supply which guarantee safer functioning.

There are multiple ranges of automation:

* If the space required for the opening of the gate is reduced by fences or walls a surface mounted endless screw motor is recommended

* For light gates a compact articulated arm is recommended as they allow the gates to move smoothly

* For a minimal aesthetic solution an underground installation is recommended as this is discreet, invisible and with special treatments this ensures corrosion resistance and long lasting functioning under extreme climatic conditions

* For pedestrian gates the recommended solution is articulated arm motorisation as this is compact and easily set on narrow pillars

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Nice Metroplex
For swing gates with leaves up to 3.5 m, underground installation. Irreversible electromechanical gear motor, also available in 24 Vdc versions with magnetic encoder. New motor for more reliability and resistance
Toona 5
For swing gates with leaves up to 5 m. Electromechanical gear motor, surface mounted. Also available in 24 Vdc version, with magnetic encoder. Ideal for residential and industrial use.
Nice Hyke
For Swing Gates with Leaves up to 3.5 m, also with large Columns. Irreversible electromechanical gear motor 24 Vdc with magenetic encoder. With articulated arm mounted externally. Ideal for intensive use.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates usually run on a track with a single door which requires a long narrow space for the gate to slide along. These gates are ideally used to provide protection for wide entrances, uphill entrances and entrances that don’t have the space for swing gates.

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Nice RobusKit

For sliding gates weighing anywhere up to 3500kg