Donegal Gas provides a full range of BOC products and services to meet the needs of businesses from the sole trader to large enterprises. In addition to our standard gas products, we also offer a range of complementary goods including Gas Equipment, Arc Equipment, Filler Materials, Trade Tools and Safety Products.

Industrial Gas

Your gas supply can influence your productivity. Frequent handling and change-over of cylinders will increase downtime, reducing your efficiency and ultimately increasing your operational costs.

Speciality Gas and Helium

Available supply options for specialty gas include cylinders, dewars and Manifold Cylinder Pallets (MCP).

Drinks Dispense Gas

BOC Sureserve is the number one dispense gas supplier for a very good reason; we offer a complete range of gases and equipment, ensuring you serve the perfect pint every time.

Balloon Gas

BOC has one of the largest stocks of balloon gas cylinders and accessories in the country. This enables us to ensure that stocks are always available as and when you need them.

Food Preservation Gas

BOC Foodfresh offers a range of food-grade gases in a variety of supply modes which are specifically designed to match the needs of customers’ varying applications and demands. Foodfresh gases are supplied in cylinders dedicated for use in food-related industries, or as high purity liquid in stainless steel cryogenic containers.

Healthcare Gases

BOC Healthcare is able to provide a wide range of medical gases to suit a variety of applications. We have clinical excellence in the development and design of innovative products and services that enhance the user experience and improve patient comfort and treatment.

BOC Industrial & Medical Gases Available at Donegal Gas

 Argon  –  Carbon Dioxide  –  Helium  –  Hydrogen  –  Nitrogen  –  Nitrous Oxide  –  Oxygen